The Content of the Cup

I am part of the artist group AAI (Articulation artistica international), a loosely organized group of several artists in every field you can imagine. The participants are international artists, some even connected through the internet. I would like to expose a project in which two participants of AAI were mainly involved, Argentinian artist Guillermo Escalante and I. The title of the project is “The Content of the Cup” and is allabout the content that a cup of tea can contain. I made the tea cups by using a specially developed pinching technique in which the inner surface is smooth but the outer is ragged and bumpy. Guillermo decorated the inside of the cups. We asked other members of AAI to add meaningful words to the decoration. When the cups were fired, we served tea in them to many visitors during concerts and other cultural events. The layers of the cups were many: the outer shell made of clay was a shallow relief, the inner shell was a painting, it carried a message in words, it was filled with tea.