The elements in this series are ambiguous insect-like objects created on the basis of a double triangle to be able to fit tightly in various geometrical orders if needed.
They are similar to the elements in the “Womans’ principle” series so we can place  them together in a variety of patterns. This time this is possible to do in a  more geometrical way because of their hidden geometrical shape. At the same time they are shaped in a dynamic way to be able to give an impression of movement and action.
Being insect-like the elements have identity which gives the whole group much deeper dynamics altogether. They moved from just being an object toward being a group of individuals with many possibilities of interacting.
Through the various compositions of these elements, the density and the use of space amongst them I research graphic possibilities on one side and psychological on the other. I use one, two or more colours in the setting and the number of colours , too, changes the range of interaction. The background can be neutral but often I place the critters in an urban environment or nature so the background starts playing a role in the composition. These are various ways of creating short visual stories.
In the next stage I make photos of the scenes I have created and put these all together as a collage of impressions to be able to illustrate and show in detail the whole scene and give an idea of possible activity documented. The outcome is supposed to be a wholesome report of some unexpected activity.

Expansion” was first exhibited in Hong Kong in January 2020 as part of the “Connection” exhibition at the Hong Kong Cultural Center.

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Expansion” is an ongoing intervention in space which reports on the sculpture finding ways to communicate current events.

Some sculptures will be exhibited in galleries and others will appear in public spaces.


So far branches of “Expansion” have been shown:


  • Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong, Connection, January 2020
  • Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Open Studios, Day of Culture, 8.3.2020
  • Online gallery “Just A Report” on Instagram (@justareport)