Eva Peterson Lenassi

I was born in Koper in 1959.

In 1983 I completed my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, specializing in Sculpture. Between 1995-1999 I studied Ceramics at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN.

I live and work in Ljubljana, from my studio in the National Ethnographic museum where I create and teach sculpture and ceramics to various groups of students.

I exhibit my artwork in Slovenia and abroad, frequently in urban spaces and nature using the environment as the basis for my artistic exploration.

My latest self-initiated interventions are posted on Instagram.

Artist Statement

“In my artwork I most often start by creating a single element representing the beginning of an idea. The grouping of the same or similar elements and the relations amongst them becomes a story that can have various shapes and meanings. Each time I carefully choose the shape of the element, it’s range of potential growth and the ceramic process that will be used to create a bigger number of pieces. I find beauty in these pieces that are just approaching perfect shape but not quite acheiving it, so each of them is slightly different as is characteristic of everything made by nature and by hand.”