“Connection” Hong Kong

Exhibition Hong Kong 2020


“CONNECTION” in Hong Kong

from 9.-12. January, 2020.


Eva Peterson Lenassi about her work:


My work speaks about one and many. One finds itself amongst many and is never the same. My work is about rhythm and repetition, about patterns evolving through repetition, about the connection and relationship amongst the parts of the


Every group of my works has to do with one basic entity and each of them deals with a different issue.


The symbolic meaning of them is simple and obvious, the technical ways are explicit and clear for each of them. I use various ways of hand building, I throw parts, I cast. In every process I repeat certain movements in a most profound way with intention to create my shapes instantly. The movement of my hands, the rhythm of creating, the repetition are all important to me. The results must appear fresh, not overworked, simple, basic. The parts in the whole arrangement appear to be interconnected as an organism. If a passing viewer gets puzzled, interested, involved, even creative, I’m happy.


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