21st Century

The basis for everything that has emerged in the cycle of the 21st century is a single shoemaker’s form, which is multiplied and transformed in various ways, while exploring the expressive possibilities that the clay offers, at the same time trying to extend the boundaries of the associations raised by this form as an object. The form can be seen on one hand as a mechanical detail from the world of mass production, but if I develop a story in the other direction, the form becomes an association to an individual, and a large number of these forms suggests a group of people or a crowd in various interrelationships in terms of number, layout and other attributes, which form the whole.







Spare Parts


Spare parts are a whole with countless layout options that make it possible to impress coincidence, instability, disconnection. Despite the hinting on functionality, the connecting part is missing in order to create them. My intention was to encourage reflection on the importance, location and functionality of mechanical work in the greater part during the period of over-exploitation of raw materials.